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VALUEworks’ team of managers and support staff handles day-to-day administrative responsibilities that come with the complexities of your family's global estate. We facilitate family related projects such as relocations or real estate, private equity or art transactions. We keep track of the deadlines, deal with compliance and due diligence matters and coordinate with various international experts.

Our experienced finance team provides customised monitoring and accounting of holding structures and facilitates consolidated financial reporting, in line with international standards. We look after payments, handle timely filing of tax and compliance related reportings and support the family with inventories, centralised safekeeping and privacy protection.

In addition, we offer a variety of tailor-made lifestyle services, including assisting in hiring of personal staff, be it to look after your home, your private company or family members. We also help with housing needs, or finding suitable schools for the young family members, or organising family events.