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VALUEworks understands your passion for action and impact and your desire to make a lasting difference in the community. Our mission is to support you and your family to become responsible wealth owners, guiding you to preserve, grow and give wealth sustainably and meaningfully. We help you do good better.

Through our advisory and management services, we help you to identify your core values and define your philanthropic mission. With it, you can create a distinct focus for your giving and implement it in a strategic way, using an effective and efficient charity vehicle and embedding philanthropy in your estate planning. We professionally manage your foundation or trust and, with our investment know-how, enable your charity to have a mission-aligned investment strategy, including impact investing. We support you to monitor and quantify the effectiveness of your giving and grow your network. Furthermore, we facilitate the use of philanthropy as a family governance tool to engage the family members and to empower the next generation to become responsible stewards of wealth.