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International regulatory initiatives aimed at tax transparency and compliance, as well as economic and political considerations, have led today's global families to examine how to best hold their assets. Trusts, partnerships, family holding companies or foundations can be ideal tools to structure your assets, which may include family businesses, real estate, art collections and bankables. VALUEworks’ services help you cope with the challenges of modern life and geographically dispersed family members that require a robust wealth management strategy, transcending borders and generations.

VALUEworks’ wealth management services are designed to identify your family’s needs, be it for estate and tax planning or family governance purposes or to protect vulnerable family members. We coordinate the planning process with the best experts and customise the chosen holding structure. Your family assets are looked after with a holistic and proactive mind-set and managed with care and diligence. We handle financial accounting and deal with compliance and regulation issues, enabling wealth preservation and a smooth transfer to future generations.