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Family holding companies and single family offices (SFOs) are ideal to structure your family's overall assets, streamline  management and implement family governance structures. They typically hold the family business, bank accounts, direct investments and real estate, globally.

Many families use Swiss-based companies to hold their investments and organise their affairs. Switzerland provides for a stable political and economic environment and is well-regulated with access to leading banks and professional expertise. In addition, clients benefit from a favourable tax regime as well as a good double taxation treaty network.

The VALUEworks' team ensures proper corporate management of your family holding company, prepares shareholder and director meetings and ensures corporate housekeeping is in good order. In certain cases, we provide for members of the board of directors or advisors. Where needed, we engage specialists, such as asset managers, lawyers and tax experts, to monitor the performance of third-party managers, provide customised consolidation services and make sure regulatory and tax matters are up-to-date. We ensure various deadlines are met, assets are insured, staff is paid, safe and efficient IT-solutions are introduced, accounts, including VAT, are kept in good order, and regulatory and compliance issues are addressed.