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Family foundations, like family trusts, are an ideal tool to hold your family's assets and centralise and professionalise its management. The foundation concept is widely known and embedded in several jurisdictions, and proper advice is needed as to where to set up your family foundation.

Switzerland is among the most respected countries for charitable foundations. The foundation assets - usually bank accounts, real estate or direct investments - and the income generated are deployed for the family's philanthropic work. VALUEworks supports philanthropists and their family members with holistic advisory and professional administrative services, from mission-finding and project selection to strategic grant allocation and monitoring.

We help your family set-up the charitable foundation or trust and implement sound governance practices, so that you as founder, together with the board, can effectively fulfil your duties. With our guidance, your foundation can meaningfully engage project partners and boost the impact of its giving with a mission-aligned strategy. We work to increase efficiency and reduce administrative burdens so that you and your family have more time to focus on the essential - and rewarding - aspects of your philanthropy.

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